Type: Practice Support Portal

This email message is intended to assist registrants in considering the new formalized requirements of the Continuing Competency Program related to self-care and self-assessment described in the Spring 2018 Chronicle. (Find a link to the Chronicle here.) These requirements are designated as Category E in the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Requirements and Log Sheet documents found on the CCP page of the College website, a link to which is provided here. As per the CCP Requirements document, the intention of the Category E requirement is for registrants to ensure that they are taking time to fulfill their requirements under the Code of Conduct to review their own specific factors that may contribute to their stress load or in some other way affect their ability to perform professionally, to assess the impact of these factors on their competence and ability to meet professional obligations, and to engage in self-care sufficient to mitigate the negative impact of any factors identified or take steps to reduce or withdraw from professional activities as appropriate. Registrants may elect to use a formal self-assessment tool or document for themselves their individual factors. As noted, there will be no requirement to submit any documentation created. The purpose is to enhance and facilitate self-assessment.

As promised in the Chronicle, the College has investigated self-assessment tools, and has posted an example of one that registrants may find useful in the new Practice Support section within the registrant portal. This is not the only self-assessment tool available, and registrants are welcome to choose another or to develop their own plan for self-assessment as long as it meets CCP Category E requirements. Please find a link to the portal here.