Type: Undertakings

Registrant: BURNSIDE, Dr. Barbara Janice (Registration No. 0915)

Date: December 7, 2008

Status: Completed

Nature of Action: A request from and a grant by the registrant of an undertaking or consent to a restriction on practice except under supervision, for an initial period of six (6) months subject to extension.

Reasons: A complaint resolved by means of undertaking or consent pursuant to s.36(1), concerning the registrant providing psychotherapy services to a client which disclosed a case for one or more breaches of professional standards, including a failure to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries, a dual relationship with the client, acceptance of client gifts, inappropriate disclosure of personal and confidential matters, and failure to provide appropriate termination services.

UPDATE: As of September 17th, 2009 the registrant has complied with all limits and Completed all conditions imposed pursuant to the undertaking and consent agreement.