Type: Undertakings

Former Registrant: Emilie (Emily) Giguere (Registration No. 2064)

Date: October 29, 2014

Status: In effect

Nature of Actions:

February 3, 2015: The Registrant’s registration with the College was voluntarily cancelled, at her request.

October 29, 2014: Signed Final Agreement with the College with terms which include an admission of professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a registrant, an agreement to a suspension of a two week minimum to take effect

November 5, 2014, extendable by the Inquiry Committee; agreement to undergo an assessment of fitness to practice, and supervision of the closing of her practice prior to the suspension.

April 1, 2014: An Interim Undertaking and Consent Agreement agreed upon by the Registrant and the College,placing limitations on Ms. Giguere’s practice, including the complete supervision of her practice of psychology at each of a number of locations, at the registrant’s expense, on an interim basis, during the College’s investigation ofa serious complaint about her conduct.

Reasons:  These agreements are the outcome of the College’s investigation into matters brought to the College’s attention by way of a complaint against the Registrant having regard to her inappropriate conduct with a client.The Final Agreement includes an admission about professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming, regarding the inappropriate conduct with the client and having withheld key information from supervisors and the College inthis regard, agreement to undergo an assessment of fitness to practice, an agreement to an extendable period of suspension from practice until the terms of the Final Agreement are met. The allegations in this matter have to do with inappropriate communications and contact with a client in a correctional context.