Type: Undertakings

Former Registrant:  Mr. David Wong (Registration No. 0386)

Date: July 9, 2015

Status: In effect

Nature of Action: A request from and a grant by the registrant of an Undertaking or Consent to a program of supervision at the expense of the registrant Involving a maximum of 16 hours, subject to extension, respecting:

  • Selection of clients and referrals given the Registrant’s areas of competence;
  • Management of interested third parties;
  • A process for determining and clarifying reasons for referral;
  • Informed consent generally and standard forms used on that subject;
  • A review of assessment procedures and selection, administration, and understanding of assessment instruments;
  • A review of assessment procedures for appropriate identification and consideration of relevant variables when interpreting assessment results or reaching any opinions, conclusions, or recommendations;
  • A review of assessment procedures to ensure steps are taken to seek out and receive all records and other information relevant to the referral question(s);
  • A review of any new clients or referrals received during the period of supervision to assist with treatment and assessment planning for new clients;
  • A review of how to deal with clients who are not fluent in the English Language;
  • A review of how to co-author or co-sign any report or other document relating to services as a psychologist; and
  • A review of proceeding involving medico-legal reports and the administration of psychological tests.

Reasons: A complaint resolved by means of an Undertaking Agreement pursuant to section36(1) of the Health Professions Act , concerning the issues as noted above.