Type: Board Motion Regarding Public Safety

Be advised that Holly Fourchalk, also known as Holly Prochnau or “Dr. Holly”, who operates a “mobile health clinic” providing services throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia under the business name “Choices Unlimited for Health & Wellness” and sells various products and books online, is not registered as a psychologist in British Columbia, and has no other association with the College of Psychologists of BC.

The College cancelled Ms. Fourchalk’s registration as a psychologist, at her request, effective January 1, 2012, while investigations of two complaints against her were under way. The complaints were subsequently resolved by an Undertaking Agreement that Ms. Fourchalk signed on February 13, 2014. The terms of the Agreement are summarized on the College’s website at http://collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca/2014/02/20/prochnau-dr-holly/.

As a result of the cancellation of her registration and the undertakings provided by Ms. Fourchalk in her Agreement, Ms. Fourchalk is prohibited under the Health Professions Act from working or practising in British Columbia as a “registered psychologist” or a “psychologist”, and must not use either title to describe her work, or in association with any description of her work, in British Columbia. She is also prohibited from using any name, title, description or abbreviation of a name or title in any manner that expresses or implied that she continues to be registered as a psychologist in British Columbia, or that she otherwise continues to be associated in any way with the College of Psychologists of BC.

Despite the undertakings in Ms. Fourchalk’s Agreement, the College has become aware that Ms. Fourchalk continues to be engaged in advertising or promotional activity that refers to her former status as a psychologist in British Columbia. The public is cautioned that this information is not current, and should not be relied on in any way.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the College of Psychologists of BC at 604-736-6164.