Type: Undertakings

Registrant: Dr. Stephen Porter, R.Psych. (Registration No. 1972)

Date: December 29, 2017

Status: In effect

Nature of Action: A request from, and a grant by, the registrant of an undertaking and consent agreement placing limitations on Dr. Porter’s practice including:

(a) Consent to a reprimand with regard to his conduct.

(b) To be under regulatory supervision by a registrant of the College for a period of 18 months, subject to extension or shortening at the discretion of the Inquiry Committee, with a particular focus on:

a. Boundary issues;

b. Power differentials;

c. Sexual harassment;

d. Professionalism;

e. Doing no harm;

f. Establishing and fulfilling agreements regarding scope of employment and remuneration.

(c) To not supervise students, researchers, and volunteers until the supervisor confirms his readiness and then only under their supervision.

(d) To provide letters of apology to the Complainants.

Reasons: Complaints resolved by means of undertaking or consent pursuant to section 36(1) of the Health Professions Act concerning the registrant’s conduct.