Type: Undertakings

Registrant: Dr. Eva Skerl (Registration No. 1045)

Date: June 21, 2018

Status: In Effect

Nature of Action: A request from, and a grant by, the Registrant of an Undertaking and Consent Agreement placing conditions on the Registrant’s practice in response to concerns raised in the context of a client complaint. The Registrant will be under Supervision for a minimum period of 6 months, subject to extensions at the discretion of the Supervisor. The supervision will cover all areas of the registrant’s practice, with a particular focus on training and experience in evidence-based treatment of trauma, the integration and appropriate use of religion, spirituality, and prayer in psychological treatment, assessing thoughts of self-harm, and responding to crises. The supervision will also cover general practice issues, such as informed consent, intake assessment, therapeutic and diagnostic formulation, treatment progress monitoring, management and coping with complex cases, areas of competence, record keeping and appropriate documentation, use of electronic communication, professional ethics and obligations, professional boundaries and client welfare. The Registrant agreed to comply with all direction provided by the Supervisor to obtain additional training, education, and remediation. The Registrant is also responsible for all costs related to the supervision.

Reason: The complaint is resolved by means of an Undertaking and Consent Agreement pursuant to section 36(1) of the Health Professions Act as a result of concerns related to the Registrant’s selection of an appropriate treatment for trauma, appropriate use of religion, spirituality and prayer, responding to clinical crises, and other general clinical practice related concerns. This Agreement replaces the Interim Agreement signed by the Registrant dated April 19, 2017.