Type: Undertakings

Former Registrant: Dr. Allan Posthuma (Former Registrant No. 205)

Date: January 1, 2019

Status: In effect

Nature of Action: The Registrant agreed to undertakings requested by the Inquiry Committee under section 36(1)(d) of the Health Professions Act placing conditions on the Registrant’s practice. The Registrant agreed to consult with a professional colleague approved by the College to review psychological assessments conducted on five custody and access/parenting capacity files, and related practice issues. The Registrant also agreed to receive feedback from the professional colleague about ways to enhance his practice, and, subject to agreed terms, to comply with recommendations of the professional colleague.

Reason: The Inquiry Committee has taken the foregoing action to address allegations about the Registrant’s compliance with professional standards in the conduct of psychological assessments related to custody and access and/or parenting capacity. This includes allegations relating to the Registrant’s use of appropriate assessment methods and gathering sufficient information to support his professional opinions. The concerns arose in the context of the Committee’s investigation of four complaints brought by members of the public, and a fifth matter investigated by the Committee on its own motion. The Registrant has not admitted to having breached professional standards in respect of any of these matters, and the allegations made against him have not been proven. However, the Inquiry Committee is satisfied with the Registrant’s voluntary agreement to provide undertakings to the College that the Committee considers satisfactory to address its concerns.