The Ministry of Health has posted proposed changes to the Psychologists Regulation on the Ministry website , with the stated intent to better align the regulation to the Health Professions Act model (shared scope of practice and restricted activities), add school psychologists as a limited class of registrants under the College of Psychologists and remove several exceptions for use of the title “psychologist” by non-registrants.

The proposed revisions as currently drafted include:

  • Removal of most exceptions for use of title, including school psychologist, but doesn’t remove the exception for academics in a university setting
  • Addition of the restricted activity of psychology diagnosis and school psychology diagnosis
  • Amendments to definition of psychology, and additional definitions for school psychology and psychology diagnosis and school psychology diagnosis

Many of these elements have been anticipated for some time and the addition of the restricted activity, in particular, is welcome. Should the revisions be approved by the Minister, the removal of the exception for use of the title school psychologist by those employed in a school setting would occur on September 1, 2020, providing adequate time for those affected by this change to apply for and complete requirements necessary for registration in a limited registrant class of school psychologist with CPBC. The College will be working through the BC Association of School Psychologists to ensure this transition is minimally disruptive to the valuable work school psychologists do.

As is provided for in the Health Professions Act, opportunity for comment by interested parties is available until March 15, after which the Minister has 60 days to consider revisions before signing. The College anticipates making a submission on these revisions and would welcome for consideration input from registrants who may wish to comment at