Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care Workshop

The College is pleased to announce our Fall 2019 workshop on the topic of psychologists in integrated primary care.  This full day workshop follows upon the very successful presentation by Dr. Lesley Lutes, R.Psych., to this past year’s AGM: “Integrated Primary Care: Psychologists can be pivotal in addressing our current physical and mental health crisis in Canada”, which is available to registrants on the registrant portal.

The primary care delivery model is changing in British Columbia in response to evolving patient needs. Chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are now at an all time high. More  than ever, people are reporting significant levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. And it is taking a toll on everyone – including the Canadian medical system and doctors that care for them. Doctors now report that 6 in 10 primary care visits are for factors affecting their patient’s health and well-being that they are not sufficiently trained in and do not have the proper tools and resources to help manage their patients well-being. The BC Government has seen these concerning trends and has provided significant new funding for the development of Primary Care Networks (PCN’s) all across BC where patients will get integrated care that treats the whole person.

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to better understand the role of the psychologists in the increasingly complex primary care contexts as well as learning some of the essential skills used in these contexts.

Dr. Lesley Lutes
Dr. Kari Kirian
Dr. Marissa Carraway

Workshop Objectives:
Participants will:

  • understand the background, rationale, and benefit of integrated primary care.
  • understand how to do integrated primary care from a conceptual level.
  • gain first-hand experience of learning how to deliver the two most common behavioral interventions within the primary care setting.
  • learn about the Primary Care Network model implementation in British Columbia and the potential role for psychology in that model.

Date and Location:

October 25, 2019
9am – 4pm
The Arbutus Club
2001 Nanton Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4A1


Continuing Competency Program Hours
Completion of the workshop counts for 6 hours in Category A (Direct, Participatory, Formal Programs).

Registrants are reminded of existing online workshop: “Lessons from the Past and Prepping for the New Reality”. This workshop includes the accumulated wisdom of the Inquiry Committee and the translation of that wisdom into practice, including lessons learned from complaints and top tips for best practices and understanding the College’s obligation to investigate complaints. Collaborative care and expectations for registrants to engage routinely and productively with other health professionals is also highlighted as part of this workshop.

Also available to all registrants, through the registrant portal, are recordings of the most recent AGM continuing competency presentations including:

  • “Typical Aging – Is It Working For You?”
  • “Safely Integrating Technology Into Your Clinical Practice”
  • “Cultural Competency In Professional Practice”

Registrants who would like to view the AGM presentation by Dr. Lutes can find it on the College website through the registrants portal.

The deadline for this workshop sign up is October 18th.

 The Workshop is now Closed

Lesley Lutes, Ph.D., R.Psych. Bio

Dr. Lesley Lutes is a Professor of Psychology, and Director of Clinical Training, at the University of British Columbia on the Okanagan Campus.  She is a registered psychologist whose area of research is in developing innovative behavioral treatment interventions focused on lifestyle change and integrated primary care. Dr. Lutes received her undergraduate degree from Concordia University in Quebec, her Masters in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Virginia Tech, and completed her pre-doctoral residency at the University of Florida.  She has held faculty positions in Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina before returning to Canada in 2015. Dr. Lutes has received over $7 million in grant funding to date, published over 60 peer reviewed papers, and completed over 100 national and international presentations to date. In addition to serving as a reviewer on numerous grant panels and journals, she is on the editorial board for Annals of Behavioral Medicine and is on the national executive committee for the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP). Since coming back to Canada, she has been passionate about helping change healthcare law and policy, and integrating psychology into care networks in order to improve the health and well-being of individuals across Canada while also improving physician wellness.

Kari Kirian, Ph.D. Bio

Dr. Kirian is a Clinical Health Psychologist with Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina. She is a licensed psychologist, specializing in cardiac psychology, integrated care, behavioral medicine, and health psychology. She has experience directing, facilitating, and overseeing the full integration of mental health providers into a large primary care clinic. At present, she is the psychologist on an interdisciplinary Advanced Heart Failure team at a 1000-bed, Level I Trauma Center. She conducts pre-surgical psychological evaluations for patients pursuing mechanical circulatory support in end-stage heart failure. She also provides both inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy for patients struggling with various cardiac disease states, as well as the supervision of psychology doctoral students in the hospital setting. Dr. Kirian completed both her masters and doctoral graduate training at East Carolina University, culminating in a Ph.D. in Health Psychology. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Marissa Carraway Bio

Marissa Carraway, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Behavioral Medicine Program Director in the Department of Family Medicine at the Brody School of Medicine and Associate Graduate Faculty in the Department of Psychology, East Carolina University, NC, USA. She is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in integrated primary care, health psychology, and behavioral medicine. Dr. Carraway’s career to date has focused on providing behavioral health and health behavior intervention within an integrated primary care setting. In her current role at the ECU Family Medicine center, she provides behavioral health services to patients in the primary care clinic, teaches family medicine residents about behavioral health, and supervises doctoral psychology students who are learning to provide integrated behavioral health care. She completed her PhD in Health Psychology at East Carolina University and both her pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship in integrated primary care at Cherokee Health Systems. Dr. Carraway’s research interests and experiences include integrated primary care, diabetes management, and weight management.