Type: Board Motion Regarding Public Safety

Name: Leiserson, Mr. Victor

Date: July 16th, 2021

Status: In effect

Be advised that Victor Leiserson of Victoria, BC, who has advertised his services as an unregulated therapist or “wellness coach” in British Columbia, is not and has never been registered to practise as a psychologist in British Columbia, and has no other association with the College of Psychologists of BC.

It is a matter of public record that Mr. Leiserson was previously registered as a psychologist in Québec, but his registration was cancelled effective December 15, 2020 by order of the Conseil de discipline de l’Ordre des psychologues du Québec, following a disciplinary ‎hearing into a complaint of sexual misconduct against a client:  (https://www.canlii.org/fr/qc/qcopq/doc/2020/2020qccdpsy15/2020qccdpsy15.html)

The Board of the College of Psychologists of BC has directed the issuance of this notice to alert the public of the foregoing information.