Type: Undertakings

Registrant: Ms. Irina Tarasenco (Registrant No. 2357) 

Date: October 8, 2021

Status: Completed

Nature of Action: The Registrant voluntarily agreed to undertakings under section 36(1)(d) of the Health Professions Act placing conditions on her practice. The Registrant voluntarily agreed to the supervision of her practice, with a particular focus on gathering adequate and appropriate information to form professional opinions, ensuring that all necessary symptoms are present to meet diagnostic criteria, stating limitations in letters and reports, maintaining these limits in response to requests for information, and record keeping. The Respondent also agreed to not conduct any independent psychological assessments for third parties until she has completed further education and supervision to develop competency in this area of practice.

Reasons: The College received a complaint regarding an intake assessment completed by the Respondent for entrance into a treatment program. The Respondent provided diagnoses in her assessment and the Complainant was admitted into the program. At the conclusion of the program, the Respondent retracted her original diagnosis and stated that the Complainant did not actually meet diagnostic criteria for one of the central diagnoses because she did not have one of the critical features of that diagnosis. As a result, the third-party funding agency declined to fund the treatment completed. The Respondent admitted the diagnosis was inaccurate. She also did not demonstrate an awareness of the impacts of that inaccuracy on the appropriateness of the treatment the Complainant received and the consequences for funding of that treatment.