January 10, 2022

The College is pleased to provide registrants with more information about the upcoming virtual Workshop, Professional Self-Care During Pandemic Year 2, which will take place on February 10th from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. This workshop will be offered to all registrants at no cost. More information about how to register will be provided in subsequent notices.
It has almost been two years since the first COVID-19 cases were reported, and it has been over a year since our lives changed around the world. Many people, including psychologists, have been experiencing a chronic stress, without a clear end date. This workshop will be presented by Dr. Amanda Maranzan and Dr. Kerri Ritchie and will include the following learning objectives:

Part 1: The context

  • Discuss the pandemic’s impacts on professional practice
  • Acknowledge and review the impact of the pandemic on mental health and wellness

Part 2: The application

  • Examine key wellness concepts and approaches
  • Provide an opportunity to pause and process

Dr. Amanda Maranzan is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Graduate Programs at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada and President-Elect of the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs. Dr. Maranzan’s primary research is related to mental illness stigma (e.g., self-stigma and help-seeking; stigma reduction) with additional interests in mental health outcome measurement, professional psychology and training. She teaches courses about mental illness, ethics, and clinical supervision. Dr. Maranzan is also the Lead for the Community Mental Health Evaluation Strategy at St. Joseph’s Care Group (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) and as a registered (licenced) psychologist engages in clinical practice.

Dr. Kerri Ritchie is the Professional Practice Coordinator for psychology at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), where she has worked since 2001. Currently, she provides clinical care on the Consultation Service for Inpatients and is involved in staff and physician wellness for TOH. She has been a Director of Training for the TOH Internship Program since 2008, a member of the Executive of CCPPP (2012-2021), and is currently serving as the Director representing Education and President Elect on the CPA Board of Directors.