The standing committees of the College as established by the Health Professions Act (HPA) are: the Inquiry Committee, the Registration Committee, the Quality Assurance Committee, the Discipline Committee, and the Patient Relations Committee. They are made up of board members, professional members, and public members who review issues, develop policies, and provide guidance to the Board and College staff. The role of each of the committees as per the HPA is described below:

The Registration Committee has jurisdiction to grant registration, to limit the granting of registration or to refuse registration, and to grant reinstatement. It oversees the entire registration application process and determines issues of eligibility.

The Quality Assurance Committee monitors the standards of practice of psychologists by administering a continuing competency program for registrants and auditing compliance.

The Inquiry Committee reviews complaints, conducts investigations and, if it identifies concerns, determines whether or not the concerns can be addressed by an undertaking or consent agreement or other consensual means. The Inquiry Committee also has the power to direct the Registrar to issue a citation to the Discipline Committee.

The Discipline Committee conducts hearings concerning allegations of professional misconduct, incompetence, or addiction. A formal hearing is very similar to a trial. In discipline hearings the burden of proof is on the College to establish its case based upon clear, cogent and convincing evidence. A respondent who is found guilty by a Discipline Committee panel at a hearing may also be found liable for the costs of the discipline hearing.

The Patient Relations Committee develops programs and materials to increase the awareness of practitioners and clients regarding their respective responsibilities and rights, with a view to preventing abuse of clients.