Indigenous Cultural Safety

On March 1st, 2017, Dr. Andrea Kowaz, on behalf of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, joined with registrars of the other 23 BC health professions regulatory bodies in signing the Declaration of Commitment to the Cultural Safety and Humility in the Regulation of Health Professionals Serving First Nations and Aboriginal People in British Columbia.

The Declaration reflects the high priority placed on advancing cultural safety and humility for Indigenous people among regulated health professionals by committing to actions and processes which will ultimately embed culturally safe practices within all levels of health professional regulation. All 23 regulatory bodies have committed to report on their progress via annual reports outlining strategic activities which demonstrate how they are meeting their commitment to cultural safety.

The CPBC Indigenous Cultural Competency Task Force, established in 2016, has led the CPBC commitment to meeting the ongoing goals reflected in the Declaration and has provided professional guidance through the Indigenous Cultural Safety Checklist and a Cultural Safety Workshop, both of which are available to College Registrants online. Most recently, these resources have also been made available to psychology training programs province wide. College registrants are also given professional continuing competency credits for participation in San’Yas training and other relevant training and workshops.

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