Application Process

The first step is determining which type of application to make.  This is based on several variables including where an applicant was educated, whether they currently hold registration in Canada or the US and other certifications.  Applicants should carefully review this section of our website to determine which application is appropriate for them. They may also wish to consult this flow chart that sets out the various pathways to registration.

Once an applicant submits an application form, required enclosures and fee, the College does an initial review of the documentation to determine whether any immediate clarification is needed or if there is anything missing.  All applicants will receive an initial letter to acknowledge their application, any clarification required, outstanding items and the expiry date of their application.

During this phase, the College requests and / or files documentation received from third parties (e.g., referees, criminal records review program, transcripts, etc.) and reminds applicants of any outstanding information required in order to review their file.

The onus is on applicants to ensure that all required documentation is sent to the College.    

Once all documentation has been collected, the College reviews the application file to determine whether any additional information is required or if there are issues requiring further exploration.  If there are no further questions and the file is determined to meet the basic registration criteria for their application category, the applicant will receive a letter giving them permission to proceed to the examination phase of the process.

Applicants cannot proceed to the examination phase until it is determined that their education, training and experience and other general registration requirements have been met for the application type.

Depending on the category of application that has been made, applicants are required to complete one or more examinations.  More information regarding the required examinations can be found in the Examinations section of our website.

Once all required examinations have been completed and applicants have received written notice that they’ve passed they will be informed that their file will go to the Registration Committee for a motion to place them on the Register.  Once a motion has been made, the College sends an invoice for registration fees and form for completion.  Upon receipt of the completed form, fee and verification of professional liability insurance, the College will issue a registration number and certificate and the applicant will be added to the register as a registered psychologist.