Examinations & Orientation Workshop

Applicants for Registered Psychologist registration are welcome to sign up for the orientation workshop at any time, but must complete the workshop prior to taking the oral examination.

After you are notified that your documentation is in order you will be invited to register for the appropriate series of examinations. The dates of exams and orientation workshops are established annually and can be found on the 2019 Examination and Workshop Schedule.

All applicants (with the exception of Temporary Visitor applicants) will be expected to take one or more examinations.  The College uses three different examinations:  The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), The Written Jurisprudence Examination (WJE) and The Oral Examination. Applicants for Registered Psychologist registration may sit for the EPPP and the WJE in the order they wish. They can only proceed to the Oral Exam if they have been successful at both the EPPP and the WJE.

To sign up for an exam, please complete the appropriate request form and submit the relevant fee.   Please note that we must receive your request and administration fee for the EPPP before we will provide verification of your eligibility to Pearson VUE.

Note that the College does not provide examination preparation materials beyond this website.  However, we have made available a document entitled Summary of Legislation affecting registrants in BC which is a brief review of some important legislation. Review of this document is useful for applicants. The complete text of the legislation is found at bclaws.ca.

WJE – The Written Jurisprudence Examination assesses an applicant’s understanding and knowledge of  (a) professional conduct and ethical principles and (b) legislative provisions relevant to the practice of psychology in British Columbia. Click here for more information.

EPPP – The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology consists of objective multiple-choice questions covering knowledge essential to the professional practice of psychology.  This standardized examination is constructed by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) with the assistance of Pearson VUE. Applicants may write the examination up to three times within any application period.

After an applicant completes the exam, ASPPB will send an official score report directly to the College. The College must receive the official report of a passing score of 500 or higher in order for an applicant to proceed to the Oral Examination. As such, we urge all applicants to be mindful of deadlines for the rounds of Oral Examinations and to plan their study accordingly.

For more information about the examination, please visit the ASPPB website.

Oral Examination – The Oral Examination assesses the knowledge, readiness, and competence of the applicant to practice generally, and in particular, in the area of practice declared by the applicant. Click here for more information.

Readiness for Practice Examination – This written (essay) examination assesses key professional practice knowledge and is intended to assess an applicant’s readiness to be placed on the register as either an Associate Psychologist (Corrections) or Psychology Assistant registrant. Click here for more information.

Orientation Workshop – The College holds orientation workshops regarding the application process and regulatory issues. The schedule for the orientation workshops is located at the top of this page. Applicants for Registered Psychologist registration are welcome to sign up for the orientation workshop at any time, but must complete the workshop prior to taking the oral examination.

Examination Accomodations – The College considers and evaluates any request for examination accommodations in accordance with its obligations as an “occupational association” under section 14 of the British Columbia Human Rights Code.  If you believe you may require an accommodation, please contact the College for more information about what supporting documents or information you will need to provide.  Requests for accommodation must be submitted, in writing, with supporting documentation, at least 60 days before the date of the examination administration.