Applications expire two years after receipt of the signed and notarized application form, subject to any extension(s) the College may grant, upon a request for an extension from an Applicant, with payment of an extension fee, as detailed below.

Applicants may, in writing, request a four-month extension of the two-year application period. Such requests must be made at least one month prior to the expiry date. Applicants may be granted a maximum of three extensions. The fee for each extension request is set out in the Fee Schedule, posted on the College’s website.

This fee may be waived, and/or the extension period extended, in extenuating circumstances such as an applicant`s serious medical condition with confirming documentation or where the applicant has spent significant time, actively responding to College generated queries or directives.  Currently, the College does not grant waivers on the basis of recent maternity or paternity.