A former applicant may re-apply within two years of an application expiring or closing by submitting a new application form and fee. The re-application will carry forward the following documentation from the previous application: 1) references, 2) transcripts, 3) Written Jurisprudence Examination (WJE) scores, and 4) Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) scores (if applicable).

Certificates of professional qualifications, all criminal record checks, and at least one reference must be current (i.e., the referee must have had contact with the applicant within five years immediately preceding the date of application).  Re-applications will be reviewed according to the registration requirements in place at the time the applicant re-applies.

Regardless of what documents an applicant must re-submit for application purposes, the College may rely on previous information provided by any applicant, at its own discretion, for any purpose consistent with its objects, including assessing any application for registration, and dealing with any post-registration disciplinary matter.