The Written Jurisprudence Examination (WJE)

The WJE examination is a requirement for applicants applying for Registered Psychologist registration.

The Written Jurisprudence Examination assesses an applicant’s understanding and knowledge of:

(a) professional conduct and ethical principles and
(b) legislative provisions relevant to the practice of psychology in British Columbia.

The passing score is 40/50.

The examination is offered online. Fees associated with examinations are set out in the Fee Schedule.  The relevant request to be scheduled form is available here  Once the College is in receipt of the form and payment, applicants will be sent an email with log in details and further instructions.

The examination is comprised of 50 multiple choice questions and applicants have two (2) hours to complete it.  The College occasionally tests new items.  If additional items are being tested, applicants will be provided notice and additional time for taking the exam.  Test items are in addition to the 50 items upon which the applicant’s WJE score is calculated.

Applicants will receive written notification regarding their performance on the examination.
Applicants may write the examination up to three times. Provincial statutes may be obtained from the BC Laws website of the Queen’s Printer for British Columbia (  A summary document of legislation affecting psychology practice in BC can be found here.

The distribution of questions for the Written Jurisprudence Examination is provided below:

30 – 35 questions:

1-5 questions:  

10-15 questions: