Appealing a Decision

If you have a general concern, you may wish to review the Health Professions Act (HPA), the Psychologists Regulation the College Bylaws, and the Code of Conduct which contains the standards that govern registrants’ behavior. You may also direct any questions to the College for a response.

BC’s Health Professions Act (HPA) allows Complainants to request the Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) to review a decision of the Inquiry Committee within 30 days of notification of the decision. The HPRB is an independent tribunal tasked with reviewing the thoroughness of the College’s investigation and the reasonableness of the decision. The Health Professions Review Board website contains information about how to request a review as well as information brochures.

Health Professions Review Board

Suite 900, 747 Fort Street   Victoria, BC  V8W 2E9

Telephone: 250-953-4956

Facsimile: 250-953-3195

Toll-free telephone number (within BC): 1-888-953-4986

Mailing address:  PO Box 9429 Stn Prov Govt  Victoria BC  V8W 9V1