1) Psychological Services by Out of Province practitioners to clients temporarily relocated to British Columbia during COVID-19 Emergency

The College recognizes that there are unique aspects of the current global emergency situation that will require additional flexibility, to facilitate the ability of psychologist registrants from other Canadian and US jurisdictions to provide telepsychology services to their existing clients who are temporarily relocated to British Columbia and unable to return home to receive services directly, in order to ensure continuity of psychological care to those clients.

In the circumstances, the College will not require out-of-province psychologists to obtain Temporary (Emergency) Registration in British Columbia in order to provide telepsychology services to their existing clients who are temporarily located in British Columbia during the COVID-19 emergency, and will not take any action against them for doing so, if they meet all of the following conditions:

Please note, this is only available in circumstances where clients are unable to return to your jurisdiction. It does not, for example, apply to a circumstance in which your client has elected to spend time in British Columbia temporarily or decided not to return to their home jurisdiction for the time being. 

  1. They hold current registration or licensure in good standing as a psychologist in another Canadian or US jurisdiction;
  2. They practice only within their areas of competence and in keeping with any terms, limits and conditions on their licensure or registration in their home jurisdiction;
  3. They provide telepsychology services in British Columbia only to their existing clients who are temporarily relocated in British Columbia due to the COVID-19 emergency and unable to return home to receive services directly;
  4. It is their opinion that it would be clinically ill-advised to temporarily stop providing services to those existing clients, or to transfer those clients’ care to a registrant of the College of Psychologists of BC on a temporary basis; and
  5. They clearly indicate their home jurisdiction, and the fact that they are only registered/licensed as a psychologist in that jurisdiction and not in British Columbia, in any communication to existing clients located in BC or to anyone else who is located in BC.

Out-of-province psychologists who meet all of the above conditions are asked to confirm their understanding and acceptance of the requirements listed above by notifying the College of their intention to provide telepsychology services to existing clients who are temporarily relocated to British Columbia and unable to return home to receive services directly.

This notification may be given by completing this online FORM providing the out-of-province psychologist’s name, the jurisdiction in which they are registered/licensed, and their registration/licence number.

While the College will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of this information, out-of-province psychologists need not wait for confirmation before initiating service.

2) Providing Emergency Services in British Columbia

The temporary (emergency) class of registration is an expedited registration stream for out-of-province psychologists (and former or non-practicing registrants of CPBC) who require registration in order to provide emergency psychological services in BC.

Our requirements for this special circumstance include the following:

1. A completed and signed application for temporary (emergency) registration

2. Verification of your registration or licensure elsewhere which could include:

a) Completion of our Verification of Licensure form by your regulator OR

b) Confirmation of your registration or licensure status via a public directory with an additional direct verification (e.g., an email or some other contact), regulator to regulator, of the validity of that information. Please provide contact information for your regulatory body and include an email, if possible.

3. Photocopies of 2 pieces of ID – one must be a primary ID (list of acceptable IDs can be found here)

Please ensure that you clearly specify, on the application form, the emergency reasons you are seeking temporary registration and a description of the intended work.

Completed applications can be sent via regular post, email tempemerg@collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca or fax 604-736-6133.  NOTE: If you send your application electronically, you will be required to send a hard copy with your original signature, once it is reasonably practicable.

All non-emergency, temporary practice requests will be processed through our temporary (visitor) application stream.