Online Workshop

The College is pleased to announce the launch of its new, self-paced, workshop for registrants based on the popular full day in person workshop previously offered by the College: Lessons From the Past and Prepping for the New Reality

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Ensuring registrants are aware of regulatory documents and obligations.
  2. Enhancing registrant understanding of changes in clinical practice in the context of collaborative care and the current healthcare climate.
  3. Sharing the cumulative wisdom of the Inquiry Committee and translating that wisdom into best practice.

The workshop is self-paced, but must be completed within 30 days.  Participants have unlimited access to the online content and quiz for the full 30 day period.  The readings are freely available to all registrants and can be accessed at any time through the registrant portal.


Prior to beginning the online workshop, participants are required to complete readings covering the governing legislation, the BC government’s strategic and operational priorities for the delivery of health services across the province, collaborative care and psychology’s role and impact on health outcomes as well as readings on ethics and ethical decision making.  These readings can be found in the registrant portal. 

Online Workshop:

The online workshop content includes an introduction and three key learning modules (slides and audio).  There is also a section where participants will be required to respond to several discussion questions on the topic of interprofessional collaboration.

Introduction:   Welcome and Instructions (3 min)

Module 1:        A Primer on the Health Professions Act (52 min)

Module 2:        Collaborative Care (15 min)

Integration of Psychological Services into Healthcare (36 min)

Module 3:        Translating Wisdom into Best Practice (37 min)


Following the learning modules and discussion questions, participants will complete a 50 item post-workshop quiz.  The quiz can be retaken until it is passed, but must be successfully passed within the 30 day period.

Number of Continuing Competency Hours?

Completion of the readings, workshop and quiz will meet the regular continuing competency requirements for the year in which it is completed (or banked for the following year).  Participants must pass the quiz in order to receive full credit for the year.

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