Type: COVID-19

March 20, 2020

Please read below for important information for Registrants:

Using the Code of Conduct and Checklists as a Source of Support
The Code of Conduct and Practice Checklists are a source of support in a time of uncertainty. When faced with a choice of changing the mode of service provision or in dealing with any other practice issue, it is always a good idea (and a professional obligation) to review the Code of Conduct and the checklists and to make use of the College’s practice support service (practicesupport@collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca) for consultation on any unresolved questions.  We want to reinforce our shared understanding of the importance in our profession of adherence to professional standards generally, and how in a time of great (and increasing) uncertainty, the professional standards themselves provide a firm and supportive foundation for decision-making.

Telepsychology Checklists:
Reminder that registrants will find the checklists on telepsychology and telepsychology assessment especially timely for considerations when contemplating providing telepsychology services for the context in which they are working.

Link to College’s COVID-19 website:
Registrants will find more information about COVID-19 and its impact on the practice of psychology on the CPBC website.

Keeping in Touch:
These email blasts and our efforts to keep the new website page up to date with useful tools and information will continue, and we take the opportunity to thank registrants for the thoughtful questions and suggestions we receive on the feedback@collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca email. The novelty of this situation is an enormous challenge and makes all the more important the profession’s long-standing high regard for ethical and competent practice and a set of professional standards and checklists designed to accommodate and inform both routine and novel circumstances.

Kind regards and good health on behalf of the College Board and Staff,

Andrea Kowaz, Ph.D., R.Psych.