Continuing Competency Program

What is the Continuing Competency Program?

The Quality Assurance Committee is authorized by the Health Professions Act (HPA) and College Bylaws to administer a continuing competency program in order to promote high practice standards amongst registrants. The Continuing Competency Program is a mandatory program for ongoing self-directed learning with which all registrants of the College of Psychologists are required to comply. The specific requirements for the Continuing Competency Program are set out in the policy document entitled Continuing Competency Program Requirements (Effective January 1, 2022).

Registrants should note that compliance with the Continuing Competency Program is required by the Code of Conduct, that a valid declaration of compliance is a requirement under the College Bylaws for registration renewal each year, and that the College is authorized under the College Bylaws to audit randomly selected registrants to ensure compliance. The Quality Assurance Committee conducts a random audit on an annual basis to ensure registrants maintain compliance with the Continuing Competency Program.

Registrants should ensure they are in compliance each year with the Continuing Competency Program and keep a record of their activities over the year for ease of record production in the event that they are chosen as part of the annual audit. A link to a log sheet is provided below to assist registrants in maintaining and producing a record of their continuing competency activities.

Please take a moment to consult the Sample Log sheet to ensure you are documenting your activities adequately.

Links to Important Continuing Competency Program Documents

Annual Practice Review and Quiz

The Annual Practice Review and Quiz are new requirements for the 2022 practice year.  They are located in the registrant portal and are to be completed and submitted online.

FAQs Regarding the Continuing Competency Program

Please click here for the link to Registrant FAQs to search for FAQs about the Continuing Competency Program.