Type: COVID-19

May 8, 2020

Dear Registrants,

 Upcoming Annual Workshop:  May 21st (4:30 – 6:00):
Registrants are welcome to RSVP to the Annual Continuing Competency presentation “Professional Practice In Disaster Response” with a focus on professional practice considerations in “Psychological First Aid”.  The workshop presenters are Dr. Jeanne LeBlanc, R.Psych. bringing her knowledge and experience in disaster response and our Director of Practice Support, Dr. Susan Turnbull, R.Psych. The presentation will be available live online, and available at a later date for those not able to attend on May 21st.  There is no charge for this workshop.  To RSVP please send an email to rsvp@collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca.  Information on access and participation will follow via email to those who have RSVPed their attendance.

A fall date for the Annual General Meeting is under consideration and will be announced when the date and format are finalized.

 Planning for Phase 2 of COVID-19 Response

On Wednesday of this week, the Premier outlined a phased approach to restarting the provincial economy. The underlying data and the proposal are available at:https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/bc-restart-plan

Phase 2 of the Provincial pandemic response will begin in mid-May, and will include restoration of some health services, including in-person psychological services. All of this will begin under enhanced protocols. The CPBC is collaborating with other BC health professions regulators and engaging with the Provincial Health Officer to establish protocols and advice for practitioners regarding appropriate measures to protect both health professionals and their clients/patients, including guiding principles, consent issues and more. More information will be distributed to registrants as our engagement with the PHO progresses and prior to the mid-May launch of Phase 2.

 Continuing Competency Program Requirements Accommodations

In recognition that conferences and other in-person learning events have been cancelled and/or moved to an online format, the Quality Assurance Committee wishes to notify registrants that for the 2020 practice year the following accommodations will be made to Category A: Direct Participatory, Formal Programs of the Continuing Competency Program Requirements.

The defining characteristics and purpose of Category A will remain as stated:

Intent: For registrants to learn new information regarding the practice of psychology.

Modal Activities: Annual and special meetings of the College, annual meetings of professional associations of psychology, or learning opportunities such as conferences, courses, and workshops that are sponsored by learning institutes. Typical characteristics include: the event is planned in advance; speakers have professional credentials in mental health, health, or industrial/ organizational behaviour; printed documentation is provided; a registration fee is typically charged.

Please note that the requirement to attend in person has been modified in acknowledgement that in-person participation in these kinds of events is unlikely to be possible in this calendar year. For 2020, registrants may include for Category A the following:

  1. CPA/APA sponsored / approved online-courses will continue to be considered direct participatory, formal programs.
  2. An alternate professional accrediting body in the registrant’s area of specialization may be a satisfactory substitute in place of CPA/APA approval, as before.
  3. Other online learning opportunities that meet the modal activities and typical characteristics as outlined above will be considered direct participatory, formal programs.
  4. Online learning not meeting the above three criteria may still be credited towards Category B: Self Study.

Please take a moment to consult the Sample Log sheet to ensure you are documenting your activities adequately.

Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Pilot Study

The Quality Assurance Committee wishes to remind registrants who have not yet done so, to participate in the piloting of two new potential additions to the CCP: an Annual Practice Review and Practice Quiz.

Please sign in to the Registrant Portal and look for the link “Continuing Competency Program – Pilot Study” listed on the right side of the screen.

Registrant comment and feedback is a very important part of the piloting phase. We strongly encourage all registrants to participate in the pilot and provide feedback so that we can determine what changes or additions should be made. Registrants can claim continuing competency credit for either Category B (Self Study) and/or Category C (Structured Interactive Activities) if they elect to complete the quiz with one or more psychologist colleagues.

The implementation timeline for these potential additions remains under review.

Telepsychology Checklists:

A reminder that registrants will find the checklists on telepsychology and telepsychology assessment especially timely for considerations when contemplating providing telepsychology services.

Link to College’s COVID-19 website:

Registrants will find more information and useful links about COVID-19 and its impact on the practice of psychology on the CPBC website.

Keeping in Touch:

CPBC email updates and the COVID-19 updates webpage are offered to registrants as a means of keeping informed on a timely basis regarding the practice of psychology during the pandemic.

Comments received via the feedback@collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca email continue to be much appreciated, as are the kind comments expressed. The College is proud and appreciative the work of registrants in providing professional and competent services under these difficult and novel circumstances.

With kind regards and continued wishes for your good health on behalf of the College Board and staff.

Andrea M. Kowaz, Ph.D., R.Psych.