Criminal Record Check

Under the  Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA), the College is required to ensure that each registrant completes a criminal records review conducted by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).   There have been some recent changes to the CRRA including expanded definitions for conviction, the addition of six new offenses, and the requirement that registrants have a criminal record review every five years.  The College will contact registrants when their criminal records checks are due to expire and will prompt them to renew. Registrants should review the CRRA to ensure that they are aware of the changes to the CRRA that apply to their practice. Information about this requirement can be found at the provincial government Criminal Records Check website.

For most registrants, this can be completed online.  If you have received notice that you are due for a five year re-check, please consult the instructions document which includes a link and College specific access code and review the walk-through guide.

If you are unable to complete the online process, please go to the registrant portal to download the consent to a criminal record request form and return it to the College along with copies of two acceptable forms of ID.  The Criminal Records Review Program no longer allows organizations to post this form publicly.  All registrants who are unable to use the online process must use this form as of October 5, 2019.  Any older versions of the form will be rejected by the CRRP.

N.B. The College does not accept shared results of a criminal record check previously completely with the Criminal Records Review Program for another organization.

Criminal Record Check

a. Instructions
b. Walk through Guide
c. List of Accepted ID