Both the Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) and the American Psychology Association (APA) accredit doctoral psychology programs and doctoral internships. Accreditation is a rigorous external review process through which programs and internships demonstrate they meet established criteria for faculty, institutional resources and student support services, provide instruction on the required knowledge and competencies for entry to practice as a professional psychologist, and critically evaluate both academic and practice performance of students and interns for their readiness to practice.

You can find information about all CPA accredited doctoral programs and doctoral internships here

You can find information about all APA accredited doctoral programs and doctoral internships here

NOTE:  The Registration Committee considers that a doctoral program or pre-doctoral internship holding any form of conditional accreditation status with the CPA or APA, including “accredited, on probation” or “accredited, on contingency” status, is not deemed to be accredited for the purposes of the criteria in Schedule H of the College’s bylaws. An applicant who completed their degree or internship while the CPA or APA accreditation status of their doctoral program or internship was “on probation”, “on contingency” or subject to other conditions may be required to provide additional evidence to satisfy the Registration Committee that their degree or internship meets the criteria in Schedule H.