Providing temporary psychological services in BC

The Temporary (visitor) Registration is specifically intended for individuals who are providing psychological services in BC on a time limited basis for a purpose meeting the criteria specified in the Bylaws, specified criteria (see 4 (E), below) or under specific circumstances.  It is NOT intended for individuals who seek to practice in British Columbia in an ongoing way.  Such individuals must apply for full registration as a Registered Psychologist Registrant under the AIT or as a Mobility applicant.

Purpose: This class of registration was developed for individuals practicing in BC for the purpose of (A) acting as an expert witness, (B) conducting a psychological assessment, (C) participating in, or acting as an instructor for, a course, conference, or other time-limited educational event, (D) providing services in an emergency situation, or (E) another temporary purpose acceptable to the Registration Committee.  Activities acceptable under (E) include: consultation services to individuals, groups or organizations; psychological therapy offered in person; assessment and/or intervention services offered via telepsychology and in accordance with Code of Conduct Standards 3.25 and 3.30.

Eligibility: Individuals who hold current registration or licensure in another Canadian or United States jurisdiction which is equivalent to registration in BC as a registered psychologist registrant (and registration is not subject to any practice limitations, restrictions or conditions) are eligible to apply for temporary (visitor) registration.

Length of Term :  An eligible individual may hold Temporary (Visitor) Registration for a period of up to 15 consecutive days in a calendar year, renewable for one additional 15 consecutive day period in any calendar year.  The application fee covers application processing as well as registration for the two 15 day periods.

Special Circumstances: Applicants seeking to practice temporarily in British Columbia in addition to or beyond the periods specified above, must submit a written request to the Registration Committee outlining their special circumstance.  If granted by the Registration Committee, any extensions or additions made to the temporary (visitor) registration period will be subject to another application fee, unless waived by the Registration Committee.Special circumstances in which temporary registration may be extended beyond 15 days or renewed more than two times in one calendar year include the following:  Providing services in an emergency situation; Practice situations in which there is a clear, well reasoned, time frame with a definitive end point that extends minimally beyond the two 15 day periods; Individuals who have applied for registration as an AIT or Mobility applicant, require continuous registration in BC, and agree to complete the registration process within a time frame specified by the Registration Committee. Circumstances in which temporary registration will NOT be extended or renewed more than two times in one calendar year include practice situations in which there is not a clear time frame or definitive end point (e.g., ongoing therapy with a client who has moved to BC); any practice situation in which the proposed time frame or total hours extends beyond 45 days in one calendar year.

Applicant Processing Time: Applicants must apply at least 30 days prior to their anticipated start date in order to ensure sufficient time to process their application. Please note that special requests may take longer to review and process and are contingent upon Registration Committee approval.

Permissable Titles: A temporary (visitor) registrant may only use the titles “visiting psychologist” and “registered visiting psychologist”, and must not use any abbreviations of those titles.

The following items are required in order to process a request for temporary (visitor) registration.

  1. Please attached the most recent copy of your curriculum vitae
  2. Per bylaw 49(1)(b)(i), applicants must provide:…notarized evidence, or other evidence satisfactory to the registration committee, of the applicant’s registration or licensure referred to in paragraph (a) and that the applicant is the person named therein…

    Applicants can provide one of the following:

    1. Direct verification sent from the regulator to CPBC OR
    2. Publicly available evidence on the jurisdiction’s website that includes any current limits and conditions and whether or not the registration is current / active.

    For those choosing option 1, applicants should request that their regulatory body completes the Verification of Licensure and Registration Status form.

  3. All applicants must undergo a Criminal Record Review through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).  For many applicants, this can be completed online.  Please consult the instructions document which includes a link and College specific access code and review the walk-through guide. If you are unable to complete the online process, please follow this link to request a consent to a criminal record request form from the College.  You will need to complete the form and return it to the College along with copies of two acceptable forms of ID.    The Criminal Records Review Program no longer allows organizations to post this form publicly.  All applicants who are unable to use the online process must use this form as of October 5, 2019.  Any older versions of the form will be rejected by the CRRP. N.B. The College does not accept shared results of a criminal record check previously completely with the Criminal Records Review Program for another organization..
  4. Required fees are found in the Fee Schedule. Extension/renewal fees may be waived for individuals seeking temporary registration for the first time in a calendar year whose second 15 day period of registration is within 12 months of their first 15 day period but is not within the same calendar year (e.g., registration for 15 days in December 2014 and another in February 2015) and individuals who have applied for registration as an AIT or Mobility applicant, require continuous registration in BC, and agree to complete the registration process within a time frame specified by the Registration Committee. Initial and/or extension/renewal fees may be waived for individuals providing services in an emergency situation.