English Language Proficiency Policy

Requirement: English Language Proficiency

Applicability: All applicants for registration are required to provide evidence that demonstrates their proficiency in English.

Bylaw: 43. General registration requirements

(1) An applicant for registration in any class of registrants must deliver the following to the registrar: 

(e.1) evidence satisfactory to the registration committee of the applicant’s English language proficiency; 

Principle(s): Effective communication is essential for the provision of competent, safe, and quality psychological services. Language proficiency enhances public protection by ensuring that registrants can communicate effectively with clients and other members of the health-care team. For these reasons the Registration Committee believes that applicants must provide evidence of language proficiency in English.

Most applicants will meet this requirement by virtue of the fact that their highest level psychology degree was completed at an English language university. In these cases, the transcript serves as evidence and no further documentation is required. 

Applicants who did not complete their degree at an English language university can learn more about how they can demonstrate proficiency in English by clicking here.